Mikael Roth is a freelance actor and filmmaker who has been working in the film industry since 2011 when he started out as an extras in the tv-series The Bridge produced by Filmlance. Mikael is born and raised in Sweden in the city of Malmo as the only child. Mikael got intrested in acting when he was very young, when he and a friend found an old video camera and started making short films and home videos. A few years later Mikael got involved in a community theater where he was started talking acting classes. But Mikael realized that he didnĀ“t wanted to do theater so he started looking for work in the filmindustry. So for the past seven years Mikael has participated in both short films,feature and music videos.

Mikael is self-taught as an actor and has been studying other actors he has been working with through the past seven years. He is always looking for a new way to improve his craft and to go deeper into the character he portrays.

Mikael is always working hard to make the director and the film crew satisfied, and to also make as good performance as possible.