Mikael Roth is a director and actor born and raised in Sweden as the only child. At a very young age Mikael acted for the very first time in a short film, and from that day Mikael knew that he wanted to work with film and creativity in the future. Mikael always takes his work very seriously and is not afraid to experiment and to try out new things to develope his craft as an actor and filmmaker.

Since 2011 until today Mikael has both worked as an actor in several film productions in Sweden but has also written an directed a couple of short films that have recieved awards at film festivals around the globe. In 2019 Mikael recieved the award for his film (DISTURBANCE) for Best Micro Film at (Los Angeles Film Awards 2019) and at (Festigious International Film Festival) also for Best Micro Film in 2020.

From 2019 to 2020 Mikael went to a film education at Nordiska Filmskolan for 1-year to improve his craft as a filmmaker but also to learn some more about visual storrytelling.

Mikael has always been facinated about dark and psychological horror films with a deep artistic touch to it. So if you would take a look on one of his films you will definitely see a film with a twisted and disturbed mindset.