Mikael Roth is an actor and director born and raised in the city of Malmo. Mikael is born on april 10th in 1991 and is the only one in the family who has been into art and creativity. At a very young age Mikael got intrested in acting and film and was determined that he wanted to work as an actor and filmmaker in the future. Mikael and a friend started to make short films, home videos and skits during his childhood and then he realized that this was something he really wanted to do.

So a couple of years later Mikael went into theater to develope and to learn the craft in acting. But Mikael realized that he didn´t wanted to do theater so he tried to find some jobs in the film industry and from 2011 until today Mikael has been involved in short films, feature and music videos as an actor. Since the end of 2017 Mikael has also started to produce, write and direct his own films which has been awarded at several film festivals internationally.

Mikael is now study at Nordiska Filmskolan in Kungälv (Nordic Film School) from august 2019 to - present.

Mikael has always been creative and productive and finds it very easy to come up with a new idea for a script that he wants to turn into a film. Mikael has directed 4 short films and he is always looking forward to start write the next script.